About NZPork

Object of NZPork

NZPork is the operational name for the New Zealand Pork Industry Board. The New Zealand Pork Industry Board (NZPIB) is a statutory producer board whose establishment, object and function is governed by the Pork Industry Board Act (1997) (the Act).

The object of NZPIB is set out in Section 5 of the Act as:

The object of the Board is to help in the attainment, in the interests of pig farmers, of the best possible net on-going returns for New Zealand pigs, pork products and co-products.
In pursuing its object, the Board must have regard to the desirability of the pork industry's making the best possible net ongoing contribution to the New Zealand economy.

How are the NZPork's activities funded?

NZPorkUnder the provisions of the Pork Industry Board Act, the Board is funded by producers through a levy paid on all pigs at the time of slaughter. The level this is set at is debated by farmers each year at their Regional Conferences and a recommendation is put to the Board of Directors in order to establish an Annual Budget.

NZPork annually consults with members of the pork industry value chain and develops a strategic plan which is approved by producers at the Annual General Meeting.

What is the structure of New Zealand Pork?
The Pork Industry Board is governed by five directors, four of whom are elected by New Zealand pig farmers and one is appointed by the Minister of Agriculture on the Board's recommendation.

Management of the Board's activities is controlled by the General Manager, supported by staff and contracted expertise operating in the areas of marketing, research, development, extension, policy and finance.

For more information on NZPork or pork farming, please visit the NZPork corporate website or visit New Zealand Pig Farming.