Where to Buy Pork

Looking for 100% New Zealand pork, bacon or ham? Don't be confused by the labelling.  Just look for the 100% NZ pork, bacon or ham rosette in your local supermarket or butcher. The rosette guarantees that you're buying only pork, bacon or ham that has been raised in New Zealand.

100% New Zealand pork is also available from farmers markets throughout New Zealand, through a number of different suppliers:

Cressy Farms - www.cressyfarm.co.nz/

Freedom Farms - www.freedomfarms.co.nz

Harmony - www.harmony.co.nz/

Havoc Farms - www.havocfarm.co.nz/

Holly Bacon Co Ltd - www.hollybacon.co.nz

Long Flat Bacon Company Ltd - www.longflatbacon.co.nz/

Mariano's Spanish Goods Ltd - www.spanishgoods.co.nz/location.html

Pokeno Bacon Co - www.pokenobacon.co.nz/

Prestons Master Butchers - www.prestonsmasterbutchers.co.nz

RubyFields Free Range - email rubyfields@farmside.co.nz

Waitaki Bacon & Ham - www.waitakibaconham.co.nz/