If you are looking for delicious recipes or cooking inspiration, have some porky questions, or are a retailer searching for resources, you have come to the right place!

Here at NZ Pork we are all about the promotion of pork produced here in New Zealand.

By purchasing New Zealand born and raised pork, bacon, and ham you know that you are also supporting our local farmers, their families and their local communities.

To buy 100% New Zealand pork, farmed here to the world’s highest animal welfare standards, look out for our PigCare™ and 100% New Zealand Pork, Bacon and Ham labels at your supermarket or local butcher.

If you are seeking information about pork farming in New Zealand visit nzpork.co.nz

Quality assured

High animal welfare standards

Low carbon footprint

You have a choice to buy New Zealand born and raised pork products at your supermarket or butcher.

Not all pork, ham and bacon products sold in New Zealand are grown locally. This means they don’t all meet the animal welfare standards of the PigCare™ programme.

When you buy pork, bacon and ham marked with the PigCare™ label, you can be sure that you are buying from New Zealand farmers who raise their animals with care.

For more information, visit www.pigcare.co.nz


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Where does New Zealand import pork from?
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How do I know the pork I am buying is born and raised in New Zealand?
What is the environmental impact of pig farming in New Zealand?
What is the difference between ‘free range’ and ‘free farmed’ pigs?
What determines if a farmer operates an indoor or free farmed piggery?
Why do some farmers use indoor farrowing pens?
Does bacon cause cancer?

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