Pan Fry

How to pan frying

Prepare the pan

Heat the pan to a medium-high heat.


Prepare the meat

Brush your piece of New Zealand pork with a little oil and season.



Cook the meat on one side, before turning to cook the other side – using the estimated timings below.



Rest for at least two minutes before serving.

Tips and tricks

Pre-heat your pan

Make sure your pan is hot before you put your meat in it

Use a meat thermometer

As a guide pork should reach an internal temperature of 71°C

Don’t overcook

Pork can be eaten with a hint of pink in the middle

Pan frying is a fast and easy way to cook a range of New Zealand pork cuts. For best results, it’s all about getting the right heat and cooking time for the right cut.

Times, Temperatures & Servings

Pork steaks and chops - try the 6+2+2 method!
Pork tenderloin / fillet
Pork medallions and butterflied steaks
Pan Fry recipes
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Pork Chops with Herb Butter

  • 10 mins prep + marinating
  • 10 mins cook