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Welcome to the home of New Zealand Pork. Here you’ll find all the information you need on how to buy, prepare and cook pork that is born and raised in New Zealand.

We’ve collected a heap of scrumptious recipes, compiled some useful tips and tricks, and have all the insider knowledge from our kiwi butchers in order to help you make the most of our nation’s best meat.

There’s also loads of great prizes to be won too, so sign up now to become a member of our Pork Recipe Club and be one of the first to know about our newest recipes and competitions. And remember to look for our Trustmark in store to ensure you are buying fresh and tasty pork that has been born and raised in New Zealand with care. Happy cooking!

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Need something new to feed the family or just tired of cooking the same meals? Then you should check out our latest and greatest recipes. We’ve got an extensive range of dishes with new and traditional flavours, so you’re sure to find something for everyone with New Zealand Pork.

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Cooking New Zealand Pork can be quick, easy and is always delicious.

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Back to basics: essential pork know how.

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Need a new twist on a classic to serve this summer? Then look no further than our delicious new-style scotch eggs – they’re great for a picnic or lunchbox filler.

To prepare, you’ll need to soft boil 6 eggs, finely chop some chives and parsley, lay out three shallow bowls for crumbing – breadcrumbs in one, beaten eggs in another and flour in the third – and preheat some vegetable oil to 150°C in a deep fryer or pot.

Take 8 herbed NZ pork sausages and squeeze the meat from their casings into a bowl (discard the casings).

Mix in the chopped herbs and 2 tbsp of hot English mustard before dividing the mixture into 6 even-sized balls – flattening them into 1cm thick pieces.

Place a peeled soft boiled egg on top of a piece of sausage mix and mould around the egg to encase it. Repeat 6 times before coating the scotch eggs in flour, beaten eggs and breadcrumbs.

Deep-fry them in oil for 6-7 mins, turning occasionally. Drain on a rack and serve with pickles and Dijon mustard.

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