6+2+2 = Perfect Pan Fried Pork

There’s nothing more satisfying than a fast dinner that you can rely on. As we move into the Winter months, your mind often moves to casseroles and roasts. But sometimes you just don’t have the time. Those moments call for the fry pan and 6+2+2.

This method will give you perfect pork in ten minutes, and we’ve got plenty of recipes to pull a meal together around that pork centrepiece in no time.


What is 6+2+2?

Step 1 – Heat the pan to a medium / high temperature and season and oil your pork

Step 2 – Fry the pork for 6 minutes on one side

Step 3 – Flip the steak/chop over and fry for 2 minutes on the other side

Step 4 – Rest the pork off the heat for at least 2 minutes


Top tips

Use steaks/chops that are about 2cm thick

Set a timer! Two minutes can fly by in the kitchen

Make sure you’ve got the element on a medium to high heat

Use NewZealand Pork chops, leg steaks, rump steaks or sirloin for this cooking method

Don’t forget 6+2+2 is the best method on the barbecue as well


See more about 6+2+2 here


Recipes to try yourself

For those who love meat and three veg, try our Perfect Pork Steaks with Roast Veggies

If you’re a family of fussy eaters who like a bit of choice, try our Easy Pork Steak Tacos and you’ll all be able to customise your taco fillings

Sometimes a creamy sauce is what you need in Winter and pan frying doesn’t rule that out! Give these Pork Chops in Creamy Mushroom Sauce a go.


If you’re after more information on the best way to cook New Zealand pork cuts, you can read more here  


For more recipe ideas check out the 6+2+2 section on our website


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