7 tips for cooking the perfect pork roast

We asked our porky followers for their top tips on how to make the perfect New Zealand pork roast. Here’s a selection of just a few we are sure you’ll find very handy and inspiring this roast season.

So, get your roasting dish out, cut up your veges and get roasting!

Roast pork tip #1

Pat dry pork roast and score rind at 1cm intervals, trying not to cut into the meat. Leave in the fridge for 1 hour to dry out the moisture and to create a beaut crispy crackling.

Rub oil, salt, and add aromatics like garlic, rosemary and thyme sliced into meat. Towards the end of cooking add some pieces of Granny Smith Apples and serve with roasted potatoes, kumara, pumpkin and carrots.

- Juanita H

Roast pork tip #2

If you don't have time to dry the skin in the fridge, cross score the skin, pour boiling water over it, then dry with paper towels and rub in salt. This starts the bubbling of the crackling which continues as you cook it.

- Jenny Z

Roast pork tip #3

Pork belly makes the BEST roast pork. Dry it. Score it. Salt it. Then pop it in a super-hot oven for half an hour, then low and slow (2 hours minimum). This creates amazing crackling, and the high fat content ensures juicy meat.

- Michelle C

Roast pork tip #4

We love it on the rotisserie on the barbecue - always a brilliant crackle and meat is moist and tender.

- Ngaire M

Roast pork tip #5

Leave to dry in the fridge for a few hours uncovered, cut skin criss-cross, rub in salt, sear at high temp, then the magic... is to slow cook in milk! Divine.

- Julie A

Roast pork tip #6

My tip is to inject your pork roast with your choice of marinade to enhance the flavour and retain moisture. The end result will be a beautifully tender, caramelised meat that will melt in your mouth.

- Anton R

Roast pork tip #7

When making the gravy for my roast pork I add in applesauce or apple cider as it gives it a divine flavour boost.

- Corrina W

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