Introducing our NZPork Butcherbassador

We are so excited to have Maria Pio onboard as our NZPork Butcherbassador, joining us to share with you her passion for all things pork. Bringing you recipes, pork preparation/techniques, cooking tips and tricks and more.

Here’s a little about Maria:

General background

I’m originally from South America, and as a kid, I grew up in a small countryside city called Mutum in the Southeast of Brazil.

My parents used to farm our own meat (pigs, turkeys, chicken), and the memories of my mother cooking pork in a handmade clay stove is still very present to me. The delicious, smoky aroma of the meat cooking on the stove follows me and enchants me always.

Favourite cut of New Zealand pork to prepare

I love to prepare a pork shoulder to be rolled.

The challenge of deboning the meat through to the final result is heaps of fun to do and demands many techniques.

Favourite New Zealand pork dish

Pork belly in all shapes and forms!

Favourite flavour pairings with New Zealand pork

Seasoning: lime, thyme, garlic, pepper, mustard and honey.

Stuffing and sauces: apricots, pomegranates, mixed berries, beetroot, passion fruits, nuts, dried fruits.

My passion for cooking New Zealand pork

New Zealand pork gives you all the goodness, smells, and flavours you need.

It’s a delicious meat that will leave you asking for more. With so many different cuts and recipe options, you certainly can’t get bored.

My Mantra: Food binds us together!

Ask the Butcher

If you are struggling to prepare or cook a certain cut of New Zealand pork, or if there is a particular cut you’d love some advice on, now is your chance to ask the expert! This could be anything from glazing a ham, preparing ribs, marinating chops or cooking the perfect roast.

Please submit your question/s here and we will post Maria’s response on social media and in our Recipe Club newsletter.

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