Spring has sprung!

We’ve done it! Winter is over and although it’s not tropical out there yet, we’re ready to sideline the slow cooker and freshen up our dinner go-tos for the next season of New Zealand pork favourites.

From what we hear, most people have around 10 recipes they regularly cook for dinner. Changing up your weekly meal rotation seasonally is a good way to keep things interesting. What’s more, eating in season is an easy way to get value for money in the fruit and vegetable section.

What’s in season in Spring?


This is only in season once a year and now’s the time, so make the most of it! Asparagus is one of those vegetables that’s easily over cooked. Simply quickly pan frying it with a little lemon juice after you’ve cooked your pork steak is a great option for a meat and three veg dinner. Check out the recipe in a little more detail in our Pork Prosciutto, Lemon & Sage with Creamy Chive Potatoes


If smashed avo on toast (with a side of NZ bacon) is your favourite then now is the cheapest time to get your hands on them.


A side of cauliflower cheese, yes please! And don’t throw out those stalks, you can make cauliflower into numerous other things - rice, pizza bases, it’s a keto favourite!

If you haven’t tried cauliflower rice yet then this coconut cauliflower rice with yakitori grilled pork is an absolute hit. 


Salads, traybakes and stews all benefit from the addition of celery. You can use the leaves too in your salads so don’t throw them out!
Our Pork Chilli recipe uses celery and it’s a perfect base for nachos, tacos or just a big bowl on its own! 


A good old Kiwi backyard garden classic, silverbeet is in season and whether it’s homegrown or store bought, it’s a great addition to frittatas or chopped and thrown in with meatballs or sausage rolls. It’s one of those great dark green leafy vegetables to have in your diet and it’s easy to hide from the kids if you chop it up!

Citrus fruit

Oranges are perfect eating right now and if you haven’t yet tried orange in a salad, give it a go (perhaps swap it out for the more expensive tomatoes at this time of the year). It’s also yet another fruit that goes great with pork. This quick Cuban pork chop uses orange juice in the marinade and, paired with a delicious orange and avocado salad it’s sure to be a hit. 


What to skip

You’ll start seeing the price of root vegetables and pumpkin going up now, and you should hold off on the tomatoes, courgettes and eggplant till November when these will become more abundant.

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