What to do with leftover roast pork

Everyone loves New Zealand roast pork. What makes it even better is the versatility of leftovers. When times are tight, making your meat go a little further can make a big difference so here’s our favourite ideas to make the most of leftovers:

1. Cut the leftovers into chunks and make curry or casserole.

Any recipe that calls for diced pork is a perfect place for leftover roast! Just remember you’ll be able to reduce your cooking time as the meat is already cooked. It will become more tender and breakdown in the slow cooking of casseroles and curries as it soaks up those delicious sauces, so be sure to keep the size of your dice fairly chunky and keep checking it during the cooking process. This herby pork casserole is one of our favourite leftover pork recipes

2. Pop it in a pasta dish.

Again, just chop the leftovers into chunks or strips and add to your favourite pasta meal. When adding leftover roast pork to pasta dishes the key is not to overcook it, especially when it's not a very saucy dish, as the pork can become dry. Our Pork and Rocket Pasta is a great option because you cook all the other ingredients first. Then, just add the roast pork in at the end for long enough to heat it

3. Who can say no to pie.

Combine those leftovers into a delicious pie filling and you’ll have the family coming back for more. Simply dice your leftover pork and you've got the star ingredient sorted. You can also throw in any leftover roast veges you may have too. This classic pork pie will take yesterday's roast to the next level. To use it in this recipe, just skip the first step of browning the pork. Instead, add the leftover pork chunks to the casserole dish just before you put it in the oven and reduce the time in the oven to approximately one hour.

4. Thinly slice leftovers and top a pizza.

This is a great option if you don’t have a lot left as a little goes a long way with pizza. Pizza is a great chance to get creative and to also let the kids loose on creating their own masterpiece.

5. Don’t forget the humble sandwich or toastie!

There’s no end of options for pepping up your lunch with leftover pork! Try a classic sandwich with thinly sliced roast pork and piccalilli or a toastie with caramelised onion, mustard and cheese.

6. If your roast had a bone in it don’t throw that away!

You can use the bone as a flavourful base to a soup or for homemade stock, so remember to pop it in your stock pot!