Wining and dining with New Zealand pork

Whether you’re entertaining a crowd or planning a special evening in, sometimes you just want to add a little extra to your meal. New Zealand pork is the perfect centrepiece for your plate and showing off your wine pairing skills might just be the cherry (or apple) on top.

So, to help you with your wine tasting notes here’s a few pointers to keep in mind.


Dishes with higher fat content are nicely balanced by acidity

Pork belly is so often the star in a fancy meal. If this is your go-to showstopper then this dish will be set off beautifully by a sparkling wine or champagne, or if you fancy a red then try an acidic Pinot Noir. Try it with this Caramelised Pork Belly.

Think about your sauces

The sauce you serve with your pork will have as much of an influence on finding the perfect wine as anything else. Look to either match or offset the flavours of your sauce with those in your wine. If it’s sweet sauce, look for a sweet Pinot Gris or an off-dry Gewurztraminer.

Or try a Malbec with its fruity flavours if you’re serving your pork with a red fruity sauce. Pair our Pork with Tart Plum with a Malbec and see what we mean.


After something a little different – how about New Zealand pork and port!

Port is the often-forgotten fortified red wine - a sweet wine that will match perfectly with pork sliders or brisket. Barbecued pork with a sweeter sauce will go great with the sweetness of port - give it a go with our Low and Slow BBQ Pulled Pork.


What about New Zealand pork sausages?

The humble pork sausage doesn’t need to be excluded from wine matching. Hunting out a Grenache will be the perfect accompaniment for elevating that bangers and mash. Be sure to check the pack to ensure you’re buying 100% New Zealand sausages!


When in doubt add wine to your recipe

Who can resist a hearty stew as we enter the colder months? Often stews will call for red wine to be added and it may have additional stock as an optional replacement. Red wine will offer a depth and richness to stews that stock alone won’t match. Try it out in our Rich and Hearty Pork Stew.

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