Glazing a Ham

Glazing a Ham

How to glaze a ham
How to Glazing a Ham

Remove the rind

Place ham skin-side up, and use a sharp knife to carefully remove the rind, leaving behind a thick layer of fat.


Score the fat

Score the fat in a criss-cross diamond pattern, approximately 5mm deep and 15mm apart.


Paint on the glaze

Using a pastry brush, paint your glaze over the ham, covering the entire top side of the ham.


Cook the ham

Place the ham in a deep baking tray and cook in a preheated oven at 160˚C, 10 minutes for every 500g. Brush again with glaze 3-4 times during cooking. Remove from the oven and rest the ham for 10 minutes covered in foil.

Tips and tricks

Ensure the glaze gets right into the score lines

Re-glaze a few times throughout cooking

For decoration, poke cloves into the ham where the criss-cross score lines meet

To help you make the most of the festive season, we’ve compiled our top tips for preparing, baking and carving the tastiest leg of New Zealand ham.

Christmas in New Zealand just wouldn’t be the same without fresh and tasty New Zealand pork. From crispy bacon for breakfast, to baked ham for lunch and roast pork for dinner – nothing says Christmas quite like sharing tasty food with family and friends.
Everyone loves a juicy, succulent ham.  But did you know that around 70% of ham and bacon sold in New Zealand is made from imported pork?  To be sure you’re buying New Zealand ham and bacon, look for NZ pork on the label or buy a bone-in ham.

Times, Temperatures & Servings

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