Storing Ham & Pork

Storing Ham & Pork

How to store ham and pork
How to Storing Ham & Pork

Wrap your ham

To stop your ham drying out, keep it in a ham-bag or wrap it in a damp tea-towel in the fridge. Wash the bag, or tea-towel every few days with a splash of vinegar in the water. Dry and use again.


Storing sliced ham

For ham slices, place a piece of folded paper towel in the bottom of an airtight plastic container. Remove the sliced ham from its packing and place it on top of the paper towel. Place another piece of folded paper towel on top of the ham, close the container firmly and place in the fridge.


Refrigerate your fresh pork

Ensure that you place your pork in the fridge or freezer as soon as possible upon returning home. Store pork in the coolest part of the fridge.


Check the 'best before' date

Some pork will be sold with a ‘use by’ or ‘best before’ date. Follow these dates where provided. Fresh pork should smell fresh and have a sweet aroma – not overly ‘meaty’.

Tips and tricks

Always refer to the use-by date

Moisten the ham bag or tea towel every couple of days

Fresh pork can be kept frozen for up to 6 months

Like all food, you need to make sure your pork is prepared, cooked and stored safely.

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Storing whole ham
Storing sliced ham
Freezing ham
Keeping your fresh pork cold
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Freezing fresh pork
Thawing frozen pork
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