5 reasons to get New Zealand pork on your family’s fork

When you’re feeding a family and fighting the weekday rush you need something that ticks many boxes: quick, easy, tasty and nutritious to name a few! Pork might not currently be your first choice of protein – perhaps you’re unfamiliar with cooking with or you just don’t know about the benefits New Zealand pork provides?

We’re here to change that - here’s 5 reasons why you need to get some New Zealand pork on your family’s fork (and 5 quick, easy family friendly recipes):

1. New Zealand pork is versatile

There are many ways you can prepare pork with a variety of different cuts.

Some of our favourite family friendly cuts:

  • Mince is great as it’s so adaptable, be it Mexican, Thai, Italian or just a humble burger - the options and flavours are endless.
  • Steaks or chops are an awesome option for the barbecue or pan. Use the 6+2+2 method, and you’ll be guaranteed to cook the perfect chop or steak!
  • Scotch fillet/schnitzel are great for stir fry’s and of course you can’t go wrong with a crumbed piece of schnitzel.

2. New Zealand pork is easy and quick to cook

We’ve got loads of quick and easy (ready in under 30 minutes) recipes on the pork.co.nz website, making it the perfect option for weekday meals. If you are cooking a pork steak or chop using 6+2+2, your meat will literally be ready to eat in 10 minutes!

Click here to view our 6+2+2 recipes.

3. New Zealand pork is a nutritious and trusted protein

Perhaps when thinking of pork, you might first envisage a roast or bacon which could be viewed as salty and fatty. However, fresh New Zealand pork is actually a powerhouse of goodness and cooked correctly is succulent and delicious.

Think pork chops, stir fries, skewers and steaks and you’ll understand that most cuts of pork are actually quite lean when the external fat (which is easy to remove) is cut off.

A lot of Kiwis may also not be aware of the many essential nutrients that are in New Zealand pork. Not only is it a great source of quality protein and zinc, it also provides iron and many B vitamins which are super important for your children’s growing bodies.

Read more about the nutritional properties of New Zealand pork - it’s a tasty, healthy protein choice to feed your family.

4. New Zealand pork is a good option for bulk meals and leftovers

It’s super easy to bulk up our family friendly recipes to make them stretch for extra guests or for leftovers the next day. This could include adding more vegetables or pasta to a Bolognese style dish, while a stir fry can be bulked up with the addition of more rice or vegetables (fresh or frozen).

Check out all Family Friendly recipes here.

5. New Zealand pork is farmed to the high animal welfare standards and is…LOCAL!

By choosing 100% New Zealand pork you can be confident that it comes from pigs born and raised to high animal welfare standards using sustainable farming practices (this is not the case for many imported pork products).

Of course, you are also supporting our local farmers and industry at a time when it’s been extra tough. Check the pack you're buying to ensure it's 100% New Zealand!

Click here to find out how you can be sure you're purchasing New Zealand pork.

Now that we’ve convinced you to give pork a go, here’s 5 quick, easy, family friendly recipes for starter inspiration!

1. Family Meatball Bake

Everybody loves meatballs, and we're sure you won't be disappointed by this delicious New Zealand pork version.

2. Soy & Hoisin Pork Mince Rice Bowl

This Asian style pork mince rice bowl has fresh, tasty flavours and is quick to whip up - making it a perfect week day meal for busy families.

3. Pork Katsu Curry

This New Zealand pork katsu curry is a weeknight meal that kids and adults alike are sure to love!

4. Easy Pork Steak Tacos

These New Zealand pork tacos are the perfect recipe for even the fussiest of eaters and are a tasty source of iron.

5. The Brilliant Burger

Build your own classic New Zealand pork burger with all your favourite fillings.

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