Batch cooking tips for beginners, plus 4 freezer friendly meals

Whether your goal is organisation for the new year, or if you’re feeling the pinch with the cost of living - batch cooking is something you need in your life!
Eat once and freeze for later. Or cook LOTS and freeze in portions straight away to help you keep ahead on the busy weeknights.

Here’s some tips to make batch cooking work for you:

  • Understand the type of meals that do and don’t freeze well - most mince-based recipes, curries and stews freeze really well. Whereas, anything with egg or cream-based sauces do not free the best (as they can separate/curdle) so best to avoid freezing these types of meals (i.e. carbonara).
  • Most recipes can be adapted to batch cooking – simply double (or more) the recipe to cook in bulk and make your meals go further.
  • Keep your fridge, freezer and pantry well organised so you can see what items you have on hand. Dispose of any out-of-date sauces etc that can clutter up the fridge.
  • Spend some time planning the meals you are going to cook to ensure you have all the ingredients and equipment needed (i.e. does your pan or slow cooker has the capacity for the recipe?).
  • Label food prior to freezing (with name, date and number of portions) so you can keep track of what you have and when you need to eat it by (general rule is three months in the freezer).
  • Make sure food is completely cool before putting into the freezer.
  • If you’re serving your meal with a carbohydrate like pasta or rice (i.e. with a chilli, curry or stir fry), it’s best to cook the carb fresh on the day (will taste better and take up less room in the freezer).

4 fabulous freezer friendly meals

Pork Chilli

Double or triple the ingredients depending on how much you’d like to make. This chilli is super versatile – serve with rice, in tacos or as loaded wedges or nachos.

New Zealand Pork Lasagne

Take some time to make this scrummy lasagne on a lazy Sunday afternoon and your taste buds will reap the benefits later! Double the recipe to have plenty of lasagne on hand as the craving arises.

Slow-Cooked American-Style Pulled Pork Sliders

This recipe was our most popular for the last two years running for a reason! If you haven’t yet tried it we encourage you to do so. Freeze just the pulled pork itself into portions and when you’re ready to eat you choose the sides – works really well not only on sliders but in tortillas, wraps, nachos, with rice etc.

Classic Pork Ragu

This ragu is the ultimate in comfort food, and after a long, busy day being able to grab this from the freezer will provide you with the hug you need!

Batch cooking helps you to be resourceful in the kitchen, make smart shopping choices and reduce your food waste. Get onboard in 2023!