Picnicking with pork — 5 finger food faves

Summer is here, and wherever you are in the country we hope you are enjoying some time outside with friends and family.

To help you organise your next picnic, we’ve put together 5 of our favourite finger food recipes, which are perfect for sharing, easily prepared and can be packaged up the night before! Aucklanders, remember, your picnic group can now grow — so get cooking.

Bacon & Cheese Scrolls

Bacon & Cheese Scrolls recipe

Super easy, super yummy. Bake on the day or the night before. Be warned — you won’t have any leftovers with these.

Get the recipe here.

Bacon and Egg Pie

You can’t go wrong with a classic bacon and egg pie, and the flavours in this one pack a punch. Make one big pie and cut up to share, or alternatively create mini pies by using deep muffin trays.

Get the recipe here.

Easy Pork Pastrami Sandwich

Impress your friends by curing your own New Zealand pork pastrami! This is seriously tasty and will add a new dimension to your sandwich. If you have access to a barbecue where you are picnicking, cook and serve hot off the barbie, otherwise cook prior and serve cold. Delicious either way.

Get the recipe here.

Pulled Pork Pizza

Use up your leftover pulled pork to top your pizzas! Bound to be a hit with both the kids and adults. Buy ready made pizza bases to make it even quicker and easier.

Get the recipe here.

Zingy Pork Skewers

These fresh, healthy and delicious New Zealand pork skewers are great to take if you are barbecuing onsite. Prepare your kebabs and salad at home, pack them up, barbecue and enjoy!

Get the recipe here.

For more porky recipes and cooking inspiration go to pork.co.nz/recipes