Pork curries around the world

Curry is one of those meals that has a different iteration in almost every cuisine. So, what is it about curry that makes it so appealing? We reckon it's that blend of the four ‘S’s - spicy, sweet, salty and sour – that mean there is a curry out there to suit everyone.

Here’s a few of our favourites:

Madras Curry – India

Tomatoes, cardamom, coconut cream and chilli! This is a proper Indian curry, the type that your mind conjures up when you hear the word ‘curry’. It’s one you’ll find on almost all Indian restaurant menus because of its popularity, and when paired with New Zealand pork it is simply delicious!

Massaman Curry – Thailand

Massaman curry is generally not too spicy, it’s a simple and comforting curry featuring large chunks of potato, crunchy pieces of peanut and mouth-watering bites of New Zealand pork. It has warm flavours like clove and cardamom which give it depth without overwhelming spice.

Katsu Curry – Japan

This Japanese curry is thicker and sweeter than many of its counterparts. It’s also served slightly differently with carrot cooked into the curry sauce, and then served with raw shredded cabbage and crumbed New Zealand pork schnitzel. It may sound like a strange combination but it is culinary genius; if you haven’t tried it yet, trust us, you’ll be coming back for more!

Red Curry – Thailand

This curry is a quicker cooking curry, using New Zealand pork loin, rather than a slow cooking cut like pork shoulder. It’s also a thinner curry, as Thai curries tend to be, giving you plenty of sauce to soak into your rice. Using a red curry paste it’s fast, tasty and features a good hit of vegetables.

Finding the perfect New Zealand pork cut for your curry

As you can see from our favourites above, it’s not only the flavours that vary across the globe, but also the cooking method to make sure you’re getting the best taste, here’s a few tips for choosing the right cut of pork.

For slow cooking curries:

Pork shoulder will generally be your best bet. New Zealand pork shoulder is a flavoursome cut with nicely marbled meat which becomes more succulent the longer it’s cooked, making it perfect for curry. An alternative is scotch fillet which is prized for its marbling.

For faster, fry pan curries:

Pork loin, cut into medallions or strips is the leanest pork option you can get. Fast cooking and super tender, you won’t need long to get this cut cooked to perfection.

Another option is a leg steak or rump steak; easily cooked and easy to slice into strips for a delicious quick curry.

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