Affordable veges to pair with your pork

Feeling the pinch at the fruit and veg shop? You’re not the only one.

We’ve done some research* and here’s some of the most affordable vegetables right now (and ideas on how you can pair them beautifully with New Zealand pork).

Baby spinach

Baby spinach is super versatile – it’s a great base for a salad, or simply steamed as a side dish. Pair with pork chops or steaks (either cooked on the barbecue or air fried) and some fries and you’ve got yourself an easy, tasty dinner.

Baby spinach can be easily thrown in a stir fry, such as Japchae, popped into a sandwich or even in our Bacon and Egg pie.


Carrots are an affordable all year-round vegetable and are a winner with kids simply chopped into sticks - serve with pork schnitzel, steak or chops.

Carrots are also good in a stir fry, like Hoisin Pork Yaki Udon or Soy & Hoisin Pork Mince Rice Bowl. Carrots lend themselves well to Asian style meals like Vietnamese Inspired Pork Noodle Bowls and are a welcome addition in any salad.

Kumara, pumpkin and potatoes

These three are great chopped up and roasted together (either in the oven or air fryer). Just add a New Zealand pork roast and some greens and that’s dinner sorted. Give our Mānuka Honey Roast Pork with Roasted Kūmara, Potatoes, & Beetroot a go.

Make kumara or potato chips and team them with pork chops or steak and a simple salad. Try our Low-Sodium Cajun Pork Chops or One Pan Vegetables with Pork Loin Chops!

Frozen vegetables

If you are finding the fresh selection is limited or too expensive, think outside the square and opt for frozen vegetables. Our Ham, Pea and Pecorino Risotto is highly recommended and can use frozen peas, while any Mexican dish like these Easy Pork Steak Tacos can substitute fresh corn with frozen.

Most peas, corn and beans that we found in the frozen section were grown in New Zealand.

*Research conducted at various retailers throughout the country, both physical visits and online, October 2022.

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