Cooking with kids – 5 porky recipes to make with your kids

Getting the kids involved with you in the kitchen is beneficial in many ways – it teaches children important life skills, creates yummy food and most importantly is time spent together.

Each age group can handle different tasks. Pre-schoolers can be involved with things like washing fruits and vegetables, kneading dough and mixing ingredients together. From school age (as hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills develop) while each child is different, generally speaking they can start helping with the measuring and counting of ingredients, cracking of eggs right through to peeling and chopping vegetables.

In our experience, most kids love:

  • Cracking eggs
  • Sifting flour
  • Measuring (spoons and scales)
  • Rolling (dough or pastry)
  • Cleaning up – just kidding! Good luck with that one.

Bearing in mind some of these fav tasks for kids, here’s 5 recipes we think they will enjoy making with you in the kitchen.

Pulled Pork Pizza

Bacon & Cheese Scrolls

Bacon & Egg Pie

Easy Peasy Pancakes

Sausage Rolls

Sticky Dumplings

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