Roasting in warmer weather

As the evenings get longer and the weather gets warmer, you start to crave lighter dinner options. But, that doesn’t mean you have to confine your beloved roast NZ pork to the Winter months. With a few tweaks to your traditional winter pork roast recipe, you can lighten up this family favourite for the warmer weather!

Here’s a few of our key tips to bring the roast into the Spring/Summer months:

Swap the crackle for a light marinade

Crispy crackling is one of those guilty pleasures of a winter roast pork, but this topping does make for a heavier meal more suited to the depths of Winter. So, as controversial as it may be, it may be time to swap the crackle for a more closely trimmed roast doused in a delicious marinade.

A Cuban inspired orange juice based marinade like this one focuses on the flavour of the pork and is a great light take on the roast.

And if you really don’t want to give up the crackle, you can remove the fat prior to the marinading and cooking process and roast the crackle separately for a delicious crunch on the side. Here’s our recipe for this option if you want to take it.


Switch the roast veges for salad

Bringing the roast pork from Winter to Spring can be as simple as changing your classic mashed potatoes and roast root vegetables for a simple salad. Not only will it lighten up the whole meal, it also means you take advantage of the seasonal vegetables that are abundant in the warmer months. You can see more about what’s come into season so far for Spring here

This Porchetta Spiced Pork Ribeye makes the most of combining a light herby marinated roast with a light and fresh rocket salad.


Slice it thin

Our wintry tendency can be to slice off a good slab of pork for each plate. You can find in warmer that weather simply slicing the pork into thinner pieces makes the whole meal feel fresher; when it’s served with a salad you might even see the whole plate being combined into one truly delicious pork salad.

If you want to go down this route and you’re using a herby or fruity marinade for your meat, keep some of it aside prior to using it on the pork and it can become a delicious dressing across the whole meal. The marinade in both the Porchetta Spiced Pork Ribeye and Cuban Marinated Pork Shoulder are great for this.


Try the barbecue

Nothing says warm weather like the barbecue. And whether it’s the classic gas version or a low n slow charcoal variety, roast pork is a delicious option for al fresco cooking. A roast on the barbecue gives you the best of both worlds, still enjoying a great NZ roast pork and a chance to be outside without the pressure of having a lot of quick cooking items all vying for attention and space on the grill. Simply get it going and leave it to cook. You’ll have a great centrepiece for your meal that’s bound to satisfy a crowd.


Change up the condiments

Gravy and apple sauce may be the quintessential partners for roast pork, but if you’re looking for a light and zesty partner for your Spring roast then look no further than our Port and Raspberry Sauce.


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